Why You Can Raise a Brighter Child

The excitement about early learning—with its promise that children of every level of ability and from every background can become more intelligent—is based on a convergence of discoveries in the fields of education; medicine; the behavioral sciences; and the new specialties of neurobiology, neuropsychology, and cognitive neurophysiology—in short, the neurosciences.

Scientists learned more about how the brain works and grows just in the 1990s than in all the preceding decades, and these discoveries have helped validate what psychologists and educators had been

Observing, independently, about how children learn. Together, all of this new evidence confirms the basic premise of this book: Parents can make a substantial difference in their child’s mental ability by the kind of stimulating environment they provide during the earliest years of life.

Several important concepts provide the rationale for the suggestions made in later chapters of this book, showing specific ways in which you can help raise the level of intellectual and creative abilities of your youngster. These concepts also explain the scientific rationale behind this new philosophy of child rearing that is rapidly being put into practice. And they underscore why growing numbers of scientists, educators, and politicians feel such an urgent need to ensure that all children get the best possible start in life, before critical periods for learning have passed.A knowledge of the new research will also help you as a parent to understand your child better and help to give him the mental stimulation he desperately needs.

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